Google Penalty Recovery

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Google Penalty recovery

Penalty Recovery Services:

Has your website been hit with a Google Penalty?  Have you noticed a dramatic decrease in website traffic?  Or perhaps you have received a warning of unnatural links in your Webmaster Tools Console?

Whatever the case, we have the experience and knowledge to help your website recover!

Unnatural Links Warnings:

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These penalties are given out manually by the Google Webspam team.  We have found that recovery is highly possible.  However, there is a lot of time, effort and knowledge that is needed to recover.  Recovery involves identifying and removing unnatural links and then reporting your progress to Google in the form of a reconsideration request.  We have found that most webmasters really need help when it comes to identifying which links need to go!

We offer several different packages for unnatural links penalty recovery.

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Panda Recovery:

The Google Panda Algorithm updates are all about site quality.  We can help you determine whether your website was affected by Panda, and advise you on what you need to do to recover.

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Penguin Recovery:

The Google Penguin Algorithm updates are mostly about backlink quality.  Most sites that were hit with this algorithm change have a poor/spammy backlink profile.  We have found that most webmasters have trouble recognizing whether their backlink profile is spammy or not.  Recovery may involve removing  or altering bad links, creation of natural links and waiting for a Penguin refresh.  In many cases, use of the Google disavow tool is helpful as well. There are other options for Penguin recovery as well. We can advise you on whether recovery is possible or whether you should start a new site.

If starting a new site is necessary, we can advise you on how to do so in a way that insures that your new site will not be penalized as the old one was!

You can read more info here on our Penguin Recovery Service.

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About our Services:

Our Google recovery services are spearheaded by Marie Haynes.  Marie is known as an expert in the field of recovery from Google Penalties.  You will often find her answering people’s questions about website penalties in forums such as Google Webmaster Central, SEOMoz and SEOChat.  Click this link to read more about Marie Haynes.

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